ADVANCED Codecs 4.8.3 for Windows 7/8/10

Download ADVANCED Codecs 4.8.3

Advanced Codecs for Windows – this is a fresh package that provides a complete automated tool designed for the most important for your Windows codecs and decoders.

This package does not have any additional players and does not change the file associations that are installed by default. In addition, when you install it automatically removes unnecessary codecs and replace their own from their own kit than codecs provide full compatibility when working with the system.

Advanced Codecs for Windows when you install will automatically delete the codecs are already installed and replace, to ensure the best compatibility of their own. After you install the ADVANCED Codecs for Windows 7 and 8 can play videos, music and movies on any compatible player with the package.

Key features Advanced Codecs for Windows:
Does not contain any additional players.
Do not change the system default file associations.
Position Localization in 18 languages ​​(including Russian).
Support for streaming video in all popular web browsers.
No need for additional adjustments and changes – media content becomes available immediately.
Supports Windows Media Player and Media Center.
After installation, some codecs can remove or reinstall.

Package x64 Components contains the settings used in conjunction with the Windows Media Center settings let you select different splitters and decoders for playback of any file type. Also, after you install this add, the user can choose between 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows Media Player. X64 Components also allows you to switch audio output settings (including a hollow support Release 7.1).

Before installing it is recommended to uninstall the previously installed codecs, as well as previous versions ADVANCED Codecs for Windows 7 and 8. For 64-bit version of Windows 7 should be (after installing the basic package of codecs) to install an additional x64 Components. Package x64 Components created in addition to the 32-bit packet, and can not be set independently. If you want to remove this product do it before you uninstall the 32-bit version.

Releases released: 2014
Platform: Windows 7/8
Language: Multilingual + Russian
Medicine: Not required / Freeware
Download from the official site:
Advanced Codecs for Windows 7/8

Download ADVANCED Codecs 4.8.3 for Windows XP/7/8/10

ADVANCED Codecs 4.8.3 for Windows 7/8/10