Anvi Ultimate Defrag Pro v1.1 [Latest]

Download Anvi Ultimate Defrag v1.1 Pro [Latest] + LifeTime Serial KeysAnvi Ultimate Defrag Pro is one of the best defrag tools available in the market to optimize the files present on your hard drive to increase the system performance which speeds up the system activities. It is easy to use, light to install and efficient to defrag.
Download Anvi Ultimate Defrag v1.1 Pro [Latest] + LifeTime Serial Keys 1Anvi Ultimate Defrag Pro repairs the disk errors and the bad sectors and cleans up all the junk files present on the hard disk and make the disk defragment much smoother. Once the defragmentation is completed, all the files get properly aligned up making it easy for your system to access them. It consolidates all files and the folders which are stored in your hard drive to make it run more efficiently.

Anvi Ultimate Defrag can work based on your special needs. It is featured with Hotzone which includes four modes: Normal mode, Home mode, Business (Work) mode and Entertainment (Game) mode. 5X faster defrag speed than other defrag software which allows you to finish hard drive defrag.

Features of anvi ultimate defrag pro

Repair Disk Errors
Repair disk errors and bad disk sectors to maintain disk performance and facilitate following disk defrag

Clean Up Junk Files
Search for and remove junk files on the hard disk to enable a smoother disk defrag

Defrag Hard Disk Volumes
Consolidate fragmented files and folders stored on the hard disk to make it run more efficiently

Optimize Disk Performance
Optimize the disk to gain a better files reading speed and ultimately complete the defrag for a better disk performance

Custom Disk Defrag
Hot Zone provides four defrag modes (Normal Mode, Home Mode, Business Mode and Entertainment Mode) for custom system optimization

How to Activate of Anvi Ultimate Defrag ?
Download the trial Setup from official Website
Install the Software and use the Key given here to Activate
Thats all. Enjoy 🙂

Download Anvi Ultimate Defrag v1.1 Pro [Latest]


Anvi Ultimate Defrag Pro v1.1 [Latest]