Comodo Firewall 7.0.317799 Full & Final Version Free

Comodo Firewall

Comodo Firewall is popular security software that protects your PC against all kinds of online threats by thighly monitoring the traffic that is coming and going through your network connections. Even though many threats will be stopped if you use built-in Windows firewall utility, you definitely need additional multi-layer protection of Comodo Firewall that also gives you the ability to control other aspects of your PC security. As all other firewall solutions, Comodo Firewall operates as the first line of defense, not allowing hostile connections to reach your PC, and preventing unauthorized software that is both hidden and openly showcased on your OS (viruses that have managed to compromise your favorite apps) to contact outside sources, and possibly enable further intrusions or upload your personal information.

To provide the best protection, Comodo Firewall contacts cloud server database which is filled with latest definitions of online threats, such as viruses, Trojans, worms, bots, hacker attacks and more. For best possible protection, developers of Comodo Firewall recommend that you also use their other secure products such as SecureDNS network and Web browser Comodo Dragon.

Main interface of the Comodo Firewall features wide range of tools that are well organized and easily accessible.  In addition to main dashboard that is holding general information about current state of your PC, users can visit Scan, Virtual Kiosk, Quarantine, Task Managers and several other areas where they can setup all aspects of their firewall activities. There is even easily accessible “Game Mode”, which will open the gates so that popular games can easily contact multiplayer servers.

5 top secrets why Comodo Firewall is different:
No complex configuration issues—perfect for amateur users
Quickly learns user behavior to deliver personalized protection
User-friendly, attractive graphical interface
Lots of configuration options let techies configure things just as they like
DDP-based security keeps you informed and PCs safe

Download Comodo Firewall 7.0.317799 Full & Final Version Free From Here


Comodo Firewall 7.0.317799 Full & Final Version Free