Star War Republic Commando Highly Compressed Game Free Download

Star War Republic Commando Highly Compressed Full Version Pc Game Free Download

Star Wars: Republic Commando, another security which forms part of the popular sci-fi series, was released just three months since the release of the much third episode of Star Wars. The new film by George Lucas, as no doubt already know, it’s called Revenge of the Sith and we will be a part of the definitive destiny of Anakin Skywalker from the evil forces of the Empire, the other as the Empire was able to defeat the wide and seemingly powerful organization which made reference to the Republic. There are many reasons for interest in this film, but what excites me most is related to the final. For the first time in the series, in fact, should be a final entirely “bad”, whereas previously, even when events hardly allowed it, there was always something “good” (for example, the last scene of L ‘ Attack of the Clones shows us the secret marriage of Anakin and Padme).
Republic Commando is embedded in episode two, Attack of the Clones, and the episode three, Revenge of the Sith. It tells of a commando companies of the Republic consisting of those clones whose genesis we are fully described in the second episode referring to the first mysterious Jango Fatt. In fact, there is a real plot, but only descriptions of the missions that we perform and how they are placed in the events that make up the fabric of the saga. All the flavor of the game is so exclusively entrusted to the gameplay, to our being on the battlefield in an attempt to take out droids and aliens of all types and to remove as much as possible the looming of the imperial forces. The setting of Republic Commando, in the course of the game, only changes three times. Initially, we find ourselves on Geonosis, the planet on which, at the end of the second episode, after the outbreak of the Clone Wars. We will move successively on board a ship assault, which strange forces have seized the controls. Finally, we have to act on Kashyyk, the planet of the Wookiees. Here we can begin to anticipate a part, albeit small, of what we will see in the third episode, thanks to a realization of Kashyyk really superfine that already makes us fantasize about how you made this planet in the film.

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Scorch, Sev, Fixer: that our team
Star Wars: Republic Commando is a 3D tactical shooter in which we will have to manage a team. It is therefore a mix of elements from action game pure and strategic elements relating to the management of the men who are entrusted to us. Having said this, however, the game seems more strategic than it actually is. Republic Commando remains, however, an extremely fast-paced game in which strategic components are still relegated to the second floor and embedded so well in the gameplay that does not weigh down the structure of minimally game. You know well that it is very difficult to find the game interface that combines real-time frenzy to the strategy, as it often threatens to cancel before making the second boring or too difficult to perform. All this the guys at LucasArts have managed to avoid it by proposing a very fun game and it offers an absolutely continuous. But let’s see, in detail, how they have managed in this endeavor.
We start with the description of the management team. Mainly this is done by exploiting the locations where, from time to time, we find ourselves. In these, in fact, are placed the “hot spot”: for each of them it is possible to perform a particular type of action. The “hot spots” are indicated by small icons. Pressing the action button on them one of our men will perform the type of action consistent with the characteristics of ‘”hot spot” itself. If, for example, the latter is easier to pull grenades at targets, we will see our man approach it and prepare themselves for launching grenades. The “hot spots” may also relate to shelter from enemy fire, turrets, systems for the regeneration of health, neutralize mines, areas in which to place warheads, to hack systems to open the doors and so on. Whenever you pick a “hot spot” holographic image will explain what kind of operation will execute our man: the image will remain until the latter will not accomplish the action he ordered. Beyond the “hot spot” we can set up other types of commands to members of the assault team. These are four and are executed (by default) with the keys F1, F2, F3, F4. So we may order them to attack everything they see, to follow, to remain in position, or call them back.

However, we will never have direct control over each member, but we can only set the type of action to be performed in such a way that any of the clones deal with it. On the other hand a convenient system of icons located at the bottom left of the screen, shows us what kind of action is performing each clone and its location relative to ours. As you can see from the photos, moreover, the view also enables us to grasp our helmet and see clearly no matter what happens above the visor. For example, it can be contaminated by alien blood, oil, rainwater. All this fits into the discourse related to identification, item very well maintained by the guys at LucasArts to become one of the central aspects of the entire production. The feeling of being really there, while our men shouting excitedly referring to the dangers threatening, is very high. This is corroborated by the fact of acting with other beings, although they are also simulated by a good artificial intelligence.
On the other hand, Republic Commando remains an action game that focuses on the factor bustle. The game takes place, therefore, in a very excited and in the vast majority of the time we only shoot at everything that moves. But here lies the beautiful. Even if the purpose is this, we will always be obliged to strike up a bit of strategy taking advantage of the “hot spots” and carefully placing the members of our team. Jump into the heart of battle without protection or without coverage is in fact a move absolutely suicidal. Very often the use of our team and the “hot spot” is limited to the offense to give an order, wait for the turn of clone executes it and, at this stage, cover from enemy attacks. For example, if the clone is directed at a particular point to place an explosive charge, we pay attention to the approaching enemy forces trying to take them out before they do the same with him. The collaboration with the other members, though obviously simulated, it is essential to ensure the feeling of empathy that we have described. This is so well done that soon we affezioneremo to the members of our team. Scorch, Sev and Fixer will follow, in fact, throughout the game (except for a very small part) and helping requesting help depending of events. In fact, on the battlefield is also possible to wait upon each other. If we fall we can, in fact, ask for help from one of the clones: whether he will be free of our orders will be to give us a hand even if the battle continues unabated around us. These phases are seasoned, however, by an excellent blurring effect that simulates very well stunning. We can, of course, we also pull up the fallen members with the same gimmick used by them. In short, see act and fight them is to see how to act and fight themselves.

Another item to point out is absolutely linked to continuatività the game. Between one level and another, in fact, is not left anything to chance, all that will live our clones will live it too. Added to this is a fast-paced, thanks to the fast loading times. In short, once you start to play is difficult to break away from Republic Commando, as we will be in all and for all delivered to the events of the game. On the other hand, also as regards their longevity can not complain as Republic Commando is certainly not one of those games that end in a weekend.
A separate discussion deserve the weapons which we will use in the course of the game. Let’s say, first, that the main weapon is a gun fast in Halo style. The main call because we will have to use it very often. Must be added to the gun sniper rifle, a shotgun, submachine guns, other fast style uzi, the rocket launcher, the grenade launcher, pistol, crossbow and other weapons again for a total of 12. The use of arms must be weighted according to the enemy in turn. Some of them, in fact, are more vulnerable to a weapon type rather than to another. For example, the droids more robust are very weak against the sniper rifle, very little against the SMG. However, as far as weapons, as you can see, there is a nice variety for which we can not remain satisfied with this point of view. Moreover, in addition to them, as already mentioned, we may use the turrets scattered to the various maps. These are obviously much more powerful, especially those who launch rockets.
We close this phase of our review talking about the multiplayer support. Saying that Republic Commando remains predominantly single player experience, we must count three game modes multiplayer. This is the deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag. In these, the game retains the frenzy that characterizes it and also allow us to play with the forces of evil constituting, thus, a new gaming experience. What is missing is a real cooperative mode that would allow us to play with friends so that everyone would handle one of the clones. Too bad, it will be for Republic Commando 2 …

A graphical banner of fluidity
What one is struck in the first game of Republic Commando is the smoothness of the graphics. The graphics engine, in fact, can never lose frames per second, even in the most hectic. All this contributes to the feeling of empathy and, above all, the excitement that pervades the game. It should, therefore, did applaud the boys LucasArts, because it is much easier nowadays, finding graphics engines with imperfections and proceeding slowly. Despite the great fluidity, graphics Republic Commando offers a high number of polygons, excellent animation, polygonal models well made, fine texture, different visualizations of last generation and, above all, alternates enclosed spaces and open spaces (especially on Geonosis) with very natural. Of course, these are not as boundless as in Half-Life 2, but still gives the feeling of being outdoors acting. In short, if you meet the minimum requirements, the graphics of Republic Commando is all to enjoy.
We go down in terms of quality, if we talk about the sound. On the one hand, in fact, the beautiful music of John Williams do not increase above that the identification of the game and the atmosphere of the whole saga, on the other we were very disappointed by the sound effects. We found these not engaging as the rest: they are a little ‘subdued. The feeling is that they are too far apart compared to the voices of clones or the music itself. In short, in our opinion, can not contribute to identification generally, indeed end up soothe it. It would seem an insignificant, but instead is quite central and closer to the player is immediately evident … oops ear. This does not mean that the directional audio is not of good quality or that the voices of the clones are not realistic, but of this we have already spoken elsewhere. The vote in this factor is then assigned by averaging a 10 for the music and a 5 for what concerns the sound effects. We conclude our review by saying that the version tested by us is English, spoken with and texts in this language. In Italy, however, Republic Commando will be marketed with the texts in Italian, while the talk will be in English. On the other hand, it would be very difficult to implement it in our language without losing the excitement and charisma that are suggested to the player.

Republic Commando offers three game modes in multiplayer: Deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag. In these, the game retains the frenzy that characterizes it and also allow us to play with the forces of evil constituting, thus, a new gaming experience. What is missing is a real cooperative mode that would allow us to play with friends in a mode in which each would handle one of the clones.
In the far-distant galaxy powerful Confederation of Trade declared war on the Republic. Using the army battle droids, the Confederation of successfully advancing, causing the troops of the Republic of defeat after defeat. Save the situation could only wonder … And it was – in the form of artificially cultivated army soldiers. The army of clones. Soldiers from the tube, designed for war, knowing nothing but war and living for the sake of war.
Game features:
Tactical shooter in the Star Wars universe, exceptionally drayvovy, full of surprises. Mass of weapons, mission by mission, and crowds of enemies that you, the commander of special forces, will shred a cabbage, in the name of the Republic.

Star War Republic Commando Highly Compressed Game Free Download

Star War Republic Commando Highly Compressed Game Free Download