Whatsapp+ v6.20C (Cracked/Patched for All)

Whatsapp+ v6.20C

Features of Whatsapp+:
* Apply and make themes of your need nd like
* Immersive mod for KITKATians
* change icon color
* Upload PHOTOS and VIDEOS with no compression
* Maximum upload size to 30 MB
* Change notification bar
* And much more try urself and tell me biggrin
Features of This crack :

*Ads Removed
*Themes Pure Black
*Hide last seen feature enabled

FAQs :
What is new in 6.20C ?
*Base updated to last play store version: 2.11.378
*New MOD 3.2.10 to go back to Contact List instead of Main Screen
*Other improvements and bug fixes

Root Needed?
=> NO

What does This App do ?
=> This is advanced whatsapp which adds much more functionalities and features

What this crack is about ?
=> This is the Whatsapp+’s Crack not whatsapp’simage

History of Whatsapp+ & Its Crack?
Long ago Whatsapp+ was being developed by Xda developer RAFALENSE and people liked that MOD so rafalesne continued that project and stil adding much more functions in WHATSAPP …Whatsapp developers didnt liked that MOD so they applied COPYRIGHT and then removed that thread from xda so he is still developing MOD and he is making money by his donation package which FEATURES that HIDE LAST SEEN feature …
This Crack is to get that HIDE LAST SEEN feature for free …So enjoy ….And Peace

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Whatsapp+ v6.20C (Cracked/Patched for All)