WYSIWYG Web Builder 10.2 Full & Final (LATEST)

WYSIWYG Web Builder 10.2 (LATEST) + Crack Keygen Patch

WYSIWYG Web Builder one of those programs, about the purpose of which can be judged by their names. This web editor allows you to create full-page and even entire websites without knowledge of HTML-markup, PHP-code and other resources operated by professional web developers. The program is very easy to use: there is a working area that is proposed to add various elements of the site. Thus, the problem reduces to a user selection of the desired items and place them on the page. Code generation is fully automatic. At any stage of the project, you can quickly see how the page will look in a browser, the default by pressing the «F5». For convenience, you can make a list of browsers that must be performed preview all web browsers installed on the system.
WYSIWYG Web Builder 10.2 (LATEST) + Crack Keygen Patch 1
Even visually create a web page from scratch is difficult, especially if this is your first experience in the field of saitostroitel’stva. In Download WYSIWYG Web Builder 10.2 (LATEST) + Crack Keygen Patch has more than a hundred ready-made templates for websites of different directions. Templates can be used as the basis for the unique design, editing them at their own discretion. In addition, the program has a ready-made code examples javascript, which can be used on your website: Displays the current date and time, the link for the entry page to your bookmarks, bouncing letters disable the context menu that appears when you right-click the flashing text, etc. . d.

For those who are planning to create a program using the site, there are convenient tools for managing web pages. You can quickly add new ones, create them on the basis of existing, manage site structure. To a new resource is well indexed by search engines, it is proposed to use an automatic way to create a site map, which is stored in an XML file and placed in the root folder. Among the additional tools that can be useful when working on a large project, we note tool for checking links on the performance, deployment manager to manage images and other multimedia files on the hard drive, as well as a tool to estimate the size of the pages.

Key Features of WYSIWYG Web Builder 10.2 Full & Final (LATEST):
• No need for knowledge of HTML
• Drag and drop objects anywhere in the HTML-page, anywhere
• Customizable menus, toolbars, tabs, etc.
• Support for creating form fields
Wizard to create forms for the four stages. Choose from a dozen forms of the perfect
Rich text support: size, fonts, colors, links, etc.
• Support for ActiveX, JAVA, Flash, Windows Media player, Quicktime, Real Audio and other plug-ins
Built-in editor dlyasozdaniya photo gallery with lots of features
Built-in editor for creating advertising banners
Creating image maps (Image maps)
Setting up and editing the scrollbar for your Web page in Microsoft Internet Explorer
Create navigation bars, tabbed navigation, slide menus, etc.
• Ready to use language javascript
Support for templates. Available more than 100 templates!
• Inserting special. characters
• Support for creating slide shows
Import existing HTML-pages
• Built-in support for creating pop-up windows (Popup-windows)
Creating a drop down menu navigation
Find and replace text objects
Graphical tools: brightness, contrast, nasyschennosti, color, etc.
Image effects: black and white, negative, sepia, blur, sharpen, noise, etc.
Drawing tools
• Creation of RSS-feeds
Sitemap Generator for Google
And much, much more …

Platform: Windows® 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7/8 (x32 / x64)
Language: English + Russian


WYSIWYG Web Builder 10.2 Full & Final (LATEST)